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Our Services

LSE is more than just a restaurant consulting firm. Or a marketing firm. Or a PR firm. We’d rather think of ourselves as a brain trust — a team of talented professionals with a multitude of client services that include strategic marketing strategies, public relations communications, savvy social media solutions, event planning, restaurant development and more. We didn’t invent the game, but we play it pretty darn well.

  • Restaurant Consulting

    At the core of Leigh Sullivan Enterprises is our hands-on approach to restaurant consulting. With a team of experienced industry professionals in each of our practice categories, LSE offers turnkey consulting services including concept development, real estate counsel, design and executive search. Our knowledgeable and resourceful team guides our clients through creative conception to successful implementation.

  • Branding and Marketing

    LSE understands the power of coherent and innovative branding and knows how to convey this message through visual and written means. Once a client's vision is established, the LSE team, in collaboration with design studio partners, helps create logos, marketing materials and other related collateral designed to effectively communicate one coherent message. LSE then works with each client to identify their target market and to implement effective marketing campaigns based on networking, relationship building and appropriate alliances.

  • Public Relations

    As a full service public relations and marketing firm, it is our responsibility to offer clients a menu of services aimed at meeting specific and targeted means. From public relations strategy development to marketing communications and social media networking, LSE is a one-stop shop who will drive the market to hear the brand message loud and clear. LSE clients enjoy high-visibility in Colorado's foremost publications.

  • Talent Acquisition

    As leaders in the Denver hospitality community, the LSE team has set the standard of what it takes to excel in the industry. Knowing first hand what it takes to excel gives us an incredible eye for talent. Our clients look to us as insiders who can help them connect with the best managers, event planners, chefs and service professionals in the city. And, as respected professionals, we have an ever-growing network of dedicated and passionate individuals waiting for their perfect opportunity.

  • Event Planning

    From product launches to pop up dinners and charity fundraisers, Leigh Sullivan Enterprises lends our signature hands-on approach to event planning. With ties to banquet spaces, restaurants, catering companies, beverage distributors, photographers, bartenders and waitstaff, LSE has the ability to carefully construct an event that speaks to your brand's specific needs.

  • Guest Intelligence Program

    With over 60 years in the hospitality field, the LSE team has set the standard of what it takes to excel in the industry. We know first hand what it takes to grow a thriving business and that gives us an incredible eye for detail. LSE Guest Intelligence is more than simply a “Secret Shopper” program. You will be getting highly qualified industry insiders who can evaluate a restaurant’s performance and offer customized and insightful feedback on how to correct common problems in both the front and back of the house.