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Seafood distributors, including Denver’s Seattle Fish Co., unite to promote sustainable fisheries

Denver's Seattle Fish Co. partners with others for sustainable seafood (Seattle Fish Co.)

Denver’s Seattle Fish Co. partners with others for sustainable seafood (Seattle Fish Co.)

Seafood lovers, this is worth trumpeting.

A group of North American seafood suppliers, including Denver’s Seattle Fish Company, have formed a pro-sustainability coalition called Sea Pact.

The long and short: Sea Pact will toil to promoting sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices by leveraging its collective power where it counts – in the wallet. When handfuls of restaurants clamor for sustainable seafood, larger forces in the marketplace barely blink. But when bigger pots of money demand it, the chances for change increase.

Six players are involved: Seattle Fish Co., Albion Fisheries in British Columbia, Fortune Fish & Gourmet in Illinois, Ipswich Shellfish Group in Massachusetts, Santa Monica Seafood in California, and Seacore Seafoodin Toronto. Together they plan to pool resources to support the kind of harvesting and farming they deem sustainable and environmentally friendly.

I’m a seafood nut, but several books and movies – for example, the book The Ocean of Life, by Callum Roberts, and the movie The End of the Line– forced me to confront my ardor for the stuff of the sea. I was indiscriminate, unthinking, blithe. Now, I’m finicky with fish mongers and menus.

Good luck, Sea Pact.

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