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FIVE™ @ Five Chef Sammir Mohammad named Best Rising Chef by Westword

Even though we all knew Chef Sammir was a star, the Westword has now recognized it as well. Samir will also be showing his talents with the FIVE™ @ Five for the first event of 2012 on April 16th, 2012. Get more info on that HERE.

“Forget Smashburger and Chipotle. Samir Mohammad, the chef of Village Cork, is the best thing to emerge in Denver in years. Long before he could drive, the Miami-born kitchen king, who was raised in New Mexico, was blistering his hands cooking red and green chile, flipping burgers and tossing pizzas, shaping a culinary career that would ultimately lead him to Denver — and to his own unassailable brand of globe-trotting cuisine, which he shares with enamored diners who drop their jaws in awe at each plate. His kitchen might be limited in equipment, but there’s no end to his mad talent and chutzpah.”-Westword

See the article here…

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